Nanite event
The Nanite event is a project that scientists,among them in the picture,Peter Meechum,Dr.Rylander,Caesar Salazar,Raefel Salazar,Violeta Salazar,and supposually Van Kleiss. They worked the project at a place called Abysus Research Facility. Though it seems that Caesar came up with the idea. As crazy as he can be. There goal was to help save the world from hunger,death,deases,help man kind, and other things that the world has that is never good. As Caesar had said,"The Day That Everything Changed." They had hope to save the world. But an iterruption had occured. It was Rex. He had an industrial accident in the lab. Once that happened. They had save Rex's life by making the first batch of Nanites inside Rex. Which had worked but that did not stop the scientists from doing their project. So,they planned on making a second batch of Nanites which was on it's way of being done. Around that time,Dr.Rylander had made something called the Omega-1-Nanite. It was used as a control Nanite. Also,there was alos a Nanite called,Meta-Nanite or as used as a control Nanite as well. But the Nanites weren't complete,so thaey another Nanite called Alpha. Alpha was supossed to be half human and half Nanite. It tried to observe all the Nanites but before that happened, and explosion was approuching.
Which was caused by Rex's new found powers or abilities. The explosion had spread across the whole world and had spread the Nanites all over the world. Putting them in every human alive with Nanites inside their body. But every once in a while they turn into these hitause creatures. Noun as E.V.O.s Also known as Expodentionally Varigated Orgnisms. Rex was now in Hong Kong. Rylander was still in Abysus and so was Van Kleiss. Giving him a golden hand and some other golden thing around his chest. While Caesar was stuck in sub speed. Why he was exscaping from the explosion in his pod. But unfortentually,Violeta and Reafel had died fro the explosion.