Ninjago opening

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Lego Ninjago is an animated cartoon based on Lego construction toys, so everything in the show is drawn to look like something you could build of Lego. It's sort of like a huge advertisment for Lego, but since I love Lego, I don't mind.

The main characters are four ninja-in-training boys. Each has an associated color, weapon, element, and dragon:

Cole, the black ninja, scythe, earth, Rocky

Jay, the blue Ninja, Nunchucks, lightning, Whisp

Zane, the white ninja, shirican, ice, Shard

Kai, the red Ninja, sword, fire, Flame

In additon to the four ninja boys there is Sensei Wu, who is thier teacher at the monastary where they live, and Kai's sister Nya, who is aparently the brains of the operations, more or less, and Lloyd Garmadon, Sensei Wu's nephew who was originally against them.

For some of the earlier episodes, they had dragons, but those flew away.

They fight against snake people called Serpentine, currently lead by Pythor

but the Ninja's arch enemy in the past seems to have been Lloyd's father, Lord Garmadon, who isthe brother of Master Wu.