Just Getting StartedEdit

After creaing your account their will be these options: Profile,Message Wall,contribute,edit avatar,and so on. On Profile you can tell things about yourself. Like bio and who you are. If you want to put your things in sections you can select the toolbar abover your writting. Then you go to Normal Text and click the down arrow next to Normal text. When opening it, you can click Heading 2 and type your first section and when your done with that click Heading 2 again and if you want more sections then keep repeating the directions. Now, a message wall is where you message people and talk to them. The first box is your heading and the big bar at the bottom is what you are going to say to the person. A contribute is all the things you have ever done on a wiki and where it is located. Edit avatar would be your profile picture. When you click it they have pictures you can use but if you don't like the photos then you can click the bar above the pictures but if you don't have pictures of a celebrity,favorite T.V. show,and so on. Then go to google and type the name of what you want. If you like the photo click on the right side of your mouse and pick save as... and name what it is called. Then go back to the wiki you were on and hit the bar,click the picture,click open,and uplaod. Then you have your picture. The other steps are easy if you follow the directions.