Weaver in basic

Expodentionally.Varigated.Organisms.== E.V.O. means Expodentionally.Varigated.Organisms. They turn into these ugly creatures. This is how,the Nanites inside there body are harmless but then the Nanites turn someone into a monster and there you have an E.V.O. most E.V.O.s don't know what there doing when they are one. They usually rampage into a city,country,or other places. Some E.V.O.s are incurable. Meaning, Rex can't cure the E.V.O.s. Some incurables can look human,can look like humans mixed with weird creatures and other things. Like,Cricket,sqywd,Tuk,Circe,Van Kleiss,and Rex. They can control their powers and not go on a rampage.