Info gap== Dr.Rtlander is a scientists who had survive from the explosion in the Nanite Event with a little blind luck help.


Rylander's personality is more of excitment and series kinda paersonality. For example,when Rylander saw some one knock a door and hit some robots he told Rex,"Drop the weapon." But when he saw his face and what he looked like,he then asked him a certain question,"Is that you,Rex?" That is when Rex asked him,"You know who I am?" Rylander then says,"Of course I do. I gave it to you." So then Rex is a little shocked,thinking that Rylander is his dad. But Rylander told Rex that he is not his father. Leaving Rex with one question,"Then if your not my dad,then do you know where he is?" Which Rylander shakes his head with a no answer. He is also cut off guard. eaning when explains why he is still in Abysus. Which,He gets cut off guard with. Not knowing on how Rex feels about the Nanite Event. Rylander then thought about what he was doing and started to apologize for being so cut off guard. He seems to be stuborn at some points.


5 years ago,Rylander was working for a group a scientists at Abysus Research Facility. Along with Caesar Salazar,Violeta Salazar,and Raefel Salazar. He was in charge of making the control Nanite or recently known as the Omega-1-Nanite. His job was to keep the Contro Nanite,so no one could use it. But when Rex got in an industrial accident they had to put a complete batch of Nanites in Rex. In order to save his life. After doing that,the scientists made some other Naniyes. Which where different color than the one's they put in Rex. But they needed another batch of Nanites for the project to work they made a Nanite called,"Alpha." A somewhat human/Nanite. It was to help with the other Nanites and make them work. But it went crazy with the Alpha Nanite. But before any other disasters accured,Rex's Nanites acted a little and caused the explosion. The reason for The Nanite Event was to stop sickness,deasess,and help with any hunger or death. As rylander told Rex what it was for.


Gabriel cheers Rex up
Dr.Rylander wears a short sleeve olive green jacket,a long sleeve black shirt,a brown plain belt,jeans,and maybe black shoes. His hair is long and white and his eyebrows are white. His eyes are dark brown and his a few hairs on his chin. His skin is close of being an American.

Ability and other sourcesEdit

Theres no way to put it but Rylander has abilities. He just doesn't have E.V.O. abilities.

Inventions:It was said that he made the control Nanite and helped with making the Nanites. It also was said that he makes some type of robots that watch for intruders and shoot them. By those things,he can have the ability to make things or invent things.