Personality== Dr.Fell's personality is a little different. Knowing that he was in one episode called "Promises,Promises." He tends to be intelligent but not so clever.


Dr.Fell wears a lab coat, a gray blazer,jeans,and a black tie. His eyes are brown,his eyebrows are light brown,and he has light brown hair. He also wears glasses.


He was a scientists working for Providence. He usually ran some test on E.V.O.s and helped with any science thing. While in Providence,he had worked and helped White Knight with the things around going on in Providence. But while in Providence Dr.Rebecca Holiday was his assistance. But when they had to stop a giant-bio-mechanic-E.V.O. that was on a rampage. Dr.Fell had seen the E.V.O. and wanted a closer look at it. But when Agent Six tried put his words into the E.V.O.,he had warned White and Fell to,"Stay back." As he just said as the E.V.O. had self-extructed. The smack Hand had went and damaged a wall. They then had to clean the heavy damage. Later on,when they see that Six has a child called Rex. They went to see why he needs him by caging and confencing Dr.Holiday why he needs him. So Dr.Fell tries to decept Rex by molecue by molecue. But it didn't work. Rex's Nanites had protect him before they could. But Rex went out of control and struggling from the machines popping out of him. But then the process went a little over and White had almost turn into an E.V.O. but turned into the only human with no Nanites. But Rex had stop the machine so that would happened. Which,has shocked everyone. Leaving with Dr.Fell getting fired and replaced as Holiday.


Dr.Fell has about one ability which is his intelligence. Every scientists has one.