Personality== Cricket has calm and shy personality. She holds back when fighting. She tends to have a good time with laughing and having fun. She is kinda smart at some things.


Cricket looks like some human-bug-type-E.V.O. Her skin is light green. She has a dangle of pink hair and has green eyes. She wears a brown vest,a tad bit of blue and lightish blue mix kind of shirt,a pair of socks that are white with two lines that are blue and red,and wears a brown skirt.


Cricket has a jumping ability that is like a super jump. When using this,she can pound a bad guy to the ground. Kinda like a cricket.

Relation ShipsEdit

Rex: Cricket has had a crush on Rex ever since she has met him. She thinks Rex is like a hero. She kind of trusted Rex a lot of the times. She will usually give Rex a look that has a smile on her face. When giving that look,she is trying to show that she has a crush on Rex.

Tuk: Tuk is one of Cricket's friends. They have been friends for quite a while.

Sqywwd: Sqywwd is one of Cricket's friends. They've known each other for a long time.

Quarry: She had to do whatever Quarry said. He was the gangs boss when Rex left.

Circe: Cricket's new friend who joined the gang.