Mad Black Night

Info== Black Night works for Providence after 5 months past. She is White Night's helper and now works at Providence as head cheif.


Her personality is serious and a bit fun. As the new cheif she intends to keep Providence in great hands. The only thing she changed was how dark the room would be,how dark the uniforms for the agents will be,and making a coler neck along with some projectial weapon to control their Nanites. But if not getting her way she gets a little grippy and starts with a plan B. When she first met Rex, she had been nice and gave him his ball back and made Rex an even better room than he had. That is her way of making people stay in Providence. But when he doesn't stay she turns mean and uses something of Caesar's to kill Rex with but his Nanites react and let him go. She is also willingly to help White Night and the others with a little trouble they have. She is somewhat selfless but she is selfish,as well.


Black Night generally has purple short hair that covers half her face. Her lips are also purple and her eyebrows are black. Her shirt is coler neck that is gray and two medal things that hold a black cape that is attached to her shirt. She also has gray pants and some what black boots. Her skin is also close to being an American.
Black Night


From when White Night called on Black Night, I would guess that she was White's helper. There isn't much history about her.


Black Night only has some abilities.

When she either dodges or aims at E.V.O.s,she generally is skilled at this. Like when she uses a gun and puts it on her sleeve she easily takes an E.V.O. down.