Bio is an EVO

Personality== Bio Wulf has more of a strict personality. He always obeysVan Kleiss's command. He seems to either be selfish or not. Depending on what he thinks. When not caring,he leaves someone with a saying. Which is,"Good luck." Besides that, not so much. He can be a bit stubborn. As pointed out when Van was talking to No Face. Bio Wulf went to tell him about Rex coming in the bug jar and spotted him sneaking appon them. But he is strict and stotic and seems to have Six's personality. He is just a little different in ways.


Bio Wulf looks a little like a half wolf and half bio robotic. Behind his head is a long hair that white. His eyes are red. But in some what he talks. But since he has no mouth,it may look a little strange. He also has some type of claws. But most of his body is purple,silver,and some what violet.
Bio wolf


Bio Wulf doesn't really have much in history. Except that he had turn into a some what E.V.O.


Bio Wulf can spy on some one with them out looking. But his main ability is using his claws. It can slice through almost anything. It is as strong as Six's Katana's.
Bio and claws